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It’s been a little over 5 years since Eagle Web Designs merged with WordwrightWeb, a Wilmington, NC-based web company! A lot has changed since then, so we want to take our readers on a brief walk down memory lane. 

In 2018, WordwrightWeb reached out to Eagle Web Designs expressing interest in a merger. Eagle Web Designs was doing well, but as it turned out, the owner was ready to move on. So, the companies arranged a strategic deal that benefited both parties.

Under the previous owner, Eagle Web Designs had two employees and just over 100 clients. Their main focus was on development and programming. Since the transition, a majority of EWD clients have stayed on with WordwrightWeb. The merger allowed WordwrightWeb to expand its talent pool, enhance its service offerings in web development and digital marketing, and improve the technical infrastructure for EWD’s clients by moving websites to dedicated servers. Meanwhile, the previous owner of EWD received a payment that allowed him to pursue new ventures.

As a stipulation, WordwrightWeb retained a Myrtle Beach, SC office and EWD’s top web developer, George. In the five years since the merger, George has become an integral part of the WordwrightWeb team. George holds down the fort in Myrtle Beach and is available for in-person meetings with local SC clients as needed. With most of us working from home since COVID, we rely on our daily video meetings to stay in sync and hardly notice George’s relative distance. 

When asked his thoughts on the transaction, the previous owner of Eagle Web Designs had this to say “I worked with WordwrightWeb in a partnership before selling them my company. I was very excited to find another company with the same client service and quality product that I had. I was very pleased with the entire merger and acquisition. Working with everyone was great. Speaking with Michael and Johannes really made a difference. I wanted my company to go to someone who I felt would take care of my 20 years of work. I made the right decision with them. There is nothing I can think of that could have made the experience better. It went that well.”

WordwrightWeb is thrilled with the success of the Eagle Web Designs transaction, enabling the growth of our team, client base, and experience for future merger/acquisition deals.

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