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Business Class, Full-Service Website Hosting

Eagle Web Designs is a full-service web hosting company. This means:

  • Our servers guarantee 99.99% uptime. We are constantly improving our network and work hard to reduce any server outages. We use cloud-based solutions with an emphasis on fault tolerance and redundancies.
  • We constantly monitor your website. We have live monitoring installed on every single website we host. In the rare event of a problem, we know about it within minutes and can take immediate corrective action.
  • We are a local company. Our offices are located in the southeastern United States. None of our programming or support is outsourced overseas.
  • Our pricing is competitive. We have a range of options to best fit your individual hosting needs. All of our hosting plans offer the same superior level of service and attention to detail that is increasingly rare in the industry.
  • We answer the phone. Support is a critical component of a good hosting experience. You will never have a problem reaching one of our locally-based team members. In the rare case that one of us doesn’t answer the phone, you will get a return phone call quickly.
  • We can also help you with your website. Do you need improvements, changes, additions, or other work done on your website? Our talented team of programmers can tackle almost any challenge. We will even work on websites we did not build.
  • Our servers use the WHM/cPanel control panel. We believe a consistent, industry-proven approach is key to providing the best hosting experience for our clients. WHM/CPanel is the gold standard in hosting interfaces and another tool in our support arsenal.
  • We keep our servers updated. We update all our servers with the latest security software, application patches, and other required and recommended fixes. Our servers use modern, state of the art hardware. All of this to ensure your website runs security and with optimal performance.
  • Our servers utilize the LAMP stack. LAMP is a renowned web development platform commonly used to run dynamic websites. It consists of the Linux operating system, the Apache HTTP Server, the MySQL database and the PHP programming language.
  • Our hosting environment is flexible. Additional software programs can be added to our servers when needed. We work closely with our clients to determine the server and application requirements that will best meet their needs.
  • We treat you like a person, not a number. Every hosting client is important to us. We envision our hosting service as a partnership. We want to help your business grow because our success depends on our clients.

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See All the Differences

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Their Commodity Hosting

Price based. These include GoDaddy, Host Gator, Blue Host, etc.

Eagle Web Designs

Managed Hosting


Will the hosting company help your business find the best hosting option available?
The commodity host will typically offer a very thorough explanation online. The buyer can read specs and explanation and make a choice. The buyer can also get assistance on the phone making the right purchase.
The web developer, having created the website and the database, and knowing the customer and her goals, will put the site on the right server setup from the start. No additional input or time is needed from the customer.
Is there a backup option available for your website in case of emergency?
This is nearly always offered at an additional charge. Sometimes it is automatic. It is important to understand what is being backed up, however, and how frequently. Also note that the backup might be on the same server, and is always with the same vendor.
Backup is always included. We back up all of our servers each week, with an incremental (new data) backup each evening at midnight. This includes databases.
Will the hosting provider automatically patch the server for security issues?
Yes, usually. This might be slower with the biggest providers, especially with hardware, as they have a financial investment to be recouped.
Yes. Often this involves migrating sites to the latest hardware and software. This is without interruption to you; you won’t even see it. We aren’t invested in hardware; we can and do change vendors.
Will your website be sharing a server and its resources with a limited number of other websites?
As long as the websites are performing well, it is cheaper for a commodity hosting provider to put more sites on a large server.
Keeping a handful of sites on a small server isn’t the cheapest way, but it minimizes compromises, increases website speed and allows for a quicker rebuild if one is needed.
Will your hosting provider go out of their way to make sure your website is zippy?
This is up to the customer. If/when the website traffic increases and the site slows, the customer will need to buy the next step up in hosting.
The web developer will assess the website speed when it is launched and make adjustments to the server environment as needed.
Will your hosting provider make server adjustments to ensure you’re site is always running smoothly?
It depends on the provider.
If you have a question, will your host answer your call? No automated support tree here.
Some companies might have this policy as a novelty, but more typical is a phone tree system (press 1 for sales, press 2 for email support, etc.) Expect to spend some time on hold.
Yes. This might be rare, even for full service design and marketing agencies.
When you have a question, will you be talking to a website professional? Wordwright understands websites and what they need to run. If there’s a problem, chances are we know what to do right away.
Senior techs are available if your problem gets kicked upstairs. Often, you will start with an online system of trouble tickets, before getting a live person.
Your call is answered by a person, who will find the right person to solve your problem. Most problems are solved in just a few minutes, with a minimum of frustration.
If you need to call back, can you speak with the same individual? That saves time and you won’t need to explain things all over again.
In some trouble ticket systems. any tech can read and address your issue. If you have to call back, you might get another person. Sometimes this is good!
Our approach is to create relationships, not strict division of labor and systematic efficiency. We’ve found that relationships are also more efficient.
Will you be able to get things done on the first try, or will you be put into a long queue?
Ticket systems are standard for technology and other industries. Your issue goes into a queue to get resolved, and to ensure a first come, first served approach.
Our presumption is that an issue is an anomaly and will be solved quickly. We don’t have many issues, so there is no queue. No need to take a number. We’ll just fix it now.


This is typically not a part of a web host’s purview. They will assist you if you use their installed sitebuilder program. Otherwise, you should rely on your website developer for minor and major upgrades, and any patches or rebuilds if your website is compromised.
Inclusive, seamless service. We take responsibility for your website’s integrity as well as the server integrity. Minor upgrades are free and automatic, major upgrades are recommended when needed. If your site is compromised (“hacked”), we restore it and patch it at no charge. Usually, we are able to prevent this with routine maintenance, also at no charge.
Usually not automatic (i.e., without your specific request or choice), and never to a separate vendor, although some companies might back up to a separate location.
Full backup is always included, and we use a separate vendor. There have been occasions, now rare, where a server location has experienced a fire or other major failure. Our backups are with another company.
Sometimes. Be sure to ask about it.
Will your hosting provider perform minor patch and security updates to the CMS? This is crucial to keeping your website secure.

* Such as version 3.1 to version 3.2 of the Content Management System – Joomla or WordPress and security patches applied to your website.
No. Your website is your business unless it was created with the provider’s sitebuilder (such as GoDaddy’s “Website Tonight.”)
Yes, at no charge
Yes, estimated in advance.
Yes, at no charge so long as we are the only people modifying your website code or adding plugins.
Yes, at no charge unless the site was broken or deleted by the customer.
Yes, included at no charge.
Yes, billable, and estimated in advance. Typically 1-4 hours.
Yes, included at no charge.
Yes, billable, and estimated in advance. Typically 30 minutes.
Yes, included at no charge.


* including forwards, groups, smart phone setup, troubleshooting, etc.
* Outlook, Smartphone, etc.

Domain Names

Hosting Pricing (Monthly)

Plans Good Sweet Awesome Radical Godzilla
Bandwidth (GB) 3 8 20 40 80
Storage (GB) 2 4 8 16 32
Price $22.00 $32.00 $42.00 $52.00 $62.00

Hosting Extras (Monthly)

Dedicated IP $8.00
Email Addresses $5.00/each (25GB Storage)
Google Workspace for Business Email $11.25 + $11.25/each
Exchange Email Addresses $15.00/each

A Local Company With a 33+ Year Reputation for Customer Service and Excellence.

What We Are

  • A full-service web hosting company. We ensure every online component is working together and with optimal performance and efficiency. This includes your server, website, domain name services, and email accounts.
  • Web hosting specialists. Our staff is fully trained in the most up to date industry standards and best practices. Our servers, firewalls, and other equipment are all state of the art and constantly upgraded with the very latest security and performance software.
  • All about customer service. We actively monitor your website and other online services. Our goal is to identify and resolve any potential problems before you are even aware of them. However, when you do need us, we are only a phone call away. And yes, we answer the phone.
  • In the solutions business. Every customer has unique hosting needs. Our expert technicians will work with you to develop an approach that will meet or exceed your individual business requirements.

What We Are Not

  • A lowest-cost, budget hosting company. The pricing can be tempting until you realize their prices are so low because of all the corners they cut. Equipment outages, frequent downtime, untrained technicians, and email failure are common.
  • Barebones, do it yourself hosting. This can work for those companies with their own IT department and experienced technicians, but it is not a viable option for most clients.
  • A la carte hosting. This is another option that seems attractive on the surface but can quickly become overwhelming. It can be very difficult to identify all the individual services you need, much less how to integrate them into one smooth functioning whole.
  • A high volume server farm. These companies succeed on the sheer number of clients they manage. This is not always a bad thing. You have the resources of a large organization but it's very easy to become "just another client" and end up in phone trees if you need support.

We’re Real People

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    Michael Byrd

    Owner, CEO and High-Flying Leader

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    Lead Programmer and Code-Monkey Wrangler

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    Johannes Behmer

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