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Custom Website Programming by United States Developers

Eagle Web Designs is a full-service custom programming and database development company. We adhere to strict coding best practices with an emphasis on security and performance.

  • PHP 7.4 Development. All our backend server code is written using the most current version of PHP. This allows us to develop dynamic, database-driven content on your website pages.
  • Javascript, jQuery & AJAX. The backend code is only half the picture. A strong foundation in Javascript, jQuery, and AJAX allows us to build websites that interact with your site visitors. This enriches the user experience and increases your conversions.
  • MySQL Database Design. A good database designer will think ahead when laying out a database, making an outline, and taking into consideration possible changes that might be needed in the future. Designing the database for future expansion is important. The process of database normalization ensures the website code will interact with the data tables in the most efficient way possible.
  • Shopping Carts with Customized Ecommerce. Your eCommerce platform should adapt to your business model, not the other way around. The ability to identify the best shopping cart for your business needs as well as the expertise to customize it in the most convenient way for you is our strong suit.
  • Merchant Service Integration. We offer extensive integration with all of the major payment processors, including Authorize.NET, PayPal, Stripe, and many more. We can implement payments on your shopping cart, website form, or any custom payment type your business requires.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS). A CMS makes it easy for you to update your website without any web development knowledge. Frequently updated content provides a better user experience and can be a significant factor in good search engine optimization (SEO). We work with the top content management systems like WordPress and Joomla. We also have our own fully custom solution depending on your needs.
  • Custom WordPress Themes & Plugins. WordPress is the most popular web development platform in the industry. We have extensive experience on this platform. We can customize any existing WordPress theme or create something entirely custom for you. With the right plugins, we can extend the functionality of your WordPress site in almost any way you can imagine.
  • WordPress Custom Post Types. WordPress comes with built-in data types such as pages and posts that offer a great deal of flexibility and control of your content. We can take this to a whole "new" level with custom post types for almost any type of data you can think of. This allows us to quickly develop dynamic website pages that you can fully control.
  • HTML5 & CSS3. All of our website code is done to the most current HTLM5 and CSS3 standards. This allows us to develop fast, mobile-friendly sites that look good on any device and proved a solid foundation for search engine optimization.

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All our programming is done in-house, right here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

What We Are

  • A full-service website development company with locally-based programmers. We do 100% of our coding inhouse and never outsource anything overseas.
  • Quality assurance specialists. We fully test and support our code. Since we write everything ourselves, we know how to troubleshoot, maintain, and extend our programming.
  • All about the customer experience. We listen to our clients and work together on an action plan before sitting down to write the first line of code. We continue to consult with our clients at all stages of development. And when the project is complete, you own the work you pay for.
  • In the solutions business. We love to write code, but we recognize that sometimes there are existing plugins and solutions that can accomplish your goals and save you money at the same time. We work closely with every individual client to determine the best approach for their needs.

What We Are Not

  • A one-size-fits-all code shop. These companies are in the business of selling code, not delivering solutions. Many of them outsource their labor, adding another layer of communication between the client and the developer.
  • A lowest-cost, budget agency. This can be an attraction option until you realize their prices are so low because of all the corners they cut. Lazy coding practices, invalidated markup, and inadequate testing will all cost you dearly in the long run.
  • An enterprise-level solutions provider. It is easy to become just another client when you are one among thousands. Yes, they may have additional resources, but these are not helpful if your voice is not being heard.
  • Programmer-centric. Coding is critical, but ultimately it is just a means to an end. It is easy to lose sight of the project goals and the way they fit into the rest of your business model if you are too focused on the programming tasks.

We’re Real People

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    Owner, CEO and High-Flying Leader

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    Lead Programmer and Code-Monkey Wrangler

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    Johannes Behmer

    CFO, Counter of the Beans and Beer Sommelier

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    Stephen Vorwerk

    Developer, Resident Technologist and Proud New Poppa

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    George Gordon

    Developer, Dork and Generally One Odd Guy