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Review Supernova is an exciting new review generation software that helps you automate the entire review generation process with ease. It’s a mix of our own software combined with hands-on management. This means:

  • Attracting new customers. More reviews can lead to more customers. When searching online for services, reviews matter to shoppers. Consumers almost always choose the company with a high number of positive reviews over poor reviews or no reviews. Review generation can also improve your organic search rankings. A high number of positive reviews indicates to Google that your business is reputable and fulfills customer's needs.
  • Generating more revenue. It's truly that simple and at a low cost to you. Outpace your competition with great reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Home Advisor, and more. The more customers you have, the more reviews that can be collected. And, you can expect to keep generating new business.
  • Saving time and trouble. Review Supernova, our proprietary review generation software, makes it easy for you to manage reviews. The review requests are generated automatically and you are notified in the case of a negative experience. Additionally, we make it super easy for your customers.

How It Works

Our review generation software sends emails to your new and returning customers using your company’s database.

  1. Once a job is completed, the system emails the client asking for a review.
  2. If their experience is positive, the customer gets forwarded to Google, Facebook, Yelp, or a variety of other review platforms. Our system will take the satisfied customer directly to the review link, so they don’t have to hunt around.
  3. Negative reviews get kicked back to your company so you can respond to that customer and remedy their complaints before it is on the internet forever.

This review solicitation system takes the hassle out of having to personally email each customer in order to collect reviews. Additionally, the email your customers receive will feature a sleek professional appearance and be completely customized for your brand.

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The Goal

According to LocaliQ, in 2023, 92% of consumers will use a local business if it has at least a 4-star rating and 72% of consumers convert to customers only after reading a positive review.

Our goal is to get a large number of highly-rated reviews from your satisfied customers or clients on the most highly-trafficked and respected review platforms on the internet. We also want to use these reviews in strategic ways so consumers who are seeking out your services are more likely to see them. This means using review feeds when available on your website, or setting them up. We can also use the reviews within a Google Ads campaign, provide links within an email marketing campaign, and much more!

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Get More Customers, Reviews, and Referrals with Review Supernova!

What We Are

  • A full-service web company. We have the experience to make all aspects of your online presence work together. Your website, hosting environment, digital marketing, and online reviews should be effective tools for accomplishing your business goals.
  • Review specialists. We know what works from experience. Our review generation requests are unobtrusive, professional, and never spammy.
  • All about customer service. Every contact we have with your clients is handled with the same level of care and attention to detail that you provide. This includes the initial email, the online forms, and any required followup.
  • In the business of solutions. Ultimately, the goal of your review generation strategy is to create leads, drive traffic, and increase sales. We never get too bogged down in review management that we forget these objectives.

What We Are Not

  • A review farm. Some disreputable companies will create lots of fake reviews in an attempt to skew your rating. This will get you heavily penalized on review sites/search engines and destroy your reputation with your clients.
  • Email inbox spammers. Nothing annoys a client more than never-ending requests to submit a review. This will also get your legitimate email messages banned on most mail servers.
  • Online Bullies. A number of companies resort to intimidation, threats, or legal action to limit negative reviews. This strategy will backfire every time and review sites/search engines will take strong actions against you.
  • A marketing upseller. Many companies want to bundle review generation with a bunch of other services and lock you into a long term contract. We do not believe in contracts and we have no interest in selling you services you don't need.

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