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Do You Want To Sell Your Web Hosting Company?

We Buy Web Companies Logo, our specialized web hosting acquisitions website.

In addition to hosting websites, we also specialize in web hosting acquisitions. If you want to sell your web hosting company, we want to buy it! Visit our specialized website and learn more!

  • Appraisal

    We begin our process with valuation. Once we determine how much we’re willing to pay for your web hosting company, we will begin negotiating to find a price both parties are happy with!

  • Possible Deals

    Whether you’re looking to sell us your entire web hosting company, sell us batches of clients, or sell us clients individually, we’re ready to buy! We are experts in all three types of deals and can adapt as needed to fit your goals.

  • Payment

    We will collaborate with you to establish a payment plan that suits your needs. We can deliver a one-time payment, or pay on a monthly basis. Whatever you prefer!

  • Security

    We ensure all web hosting acquisition deals are kept confidential. If you’d like, we can sign NDAs or involve lawyers. If the deal falls through, your information is still safe with us.

  • WordPress Hosting

    Because we are expert WordPress hosts and developers, you can rest assured that your WordPress sites are in great hands.

  • Joomla Hosting

    We are your Joomla experts. We excel in Joomla hosting, updating, and converting Joomla websites to WordPress.

  • Drupal Hosting

    Although Drupal isn’t as widely used as it once was, we are well-versed in this CMS. We have built and hosted tons of Drupal websites, and yours could be next!

  • Flat HTML or LAMP-Compatible Hosting

    Although many people have abandoned “old school” websites, we are not one of them. We can host and support all of your Flat HTML & LAMP-Compatible website needs.

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A Local Company With a 33+ Year Reputation for Customer Service and Excellence.

What We Are

  • A full-service web hosting company. We ensure every online component is working together and with optimal performance and efficiency. This includes your server, website, domain name services, and email accounts.
  • Web hosting specialists. Our staff is fully trained in the most up to date industry standards and best practices. Our servers, firewalls, and other equipment are all state of the art and constantly upgraded with the very latest security and performance software.
  • All about customer service. We actively monitor your website and other online services. Our goal is to identify and resolve any potential problems before you are even aware of them. However, when you do need us, we are only a phone call away. And yes, we answer the phone.
  • In the solutions business. Every customer has unique website hosting needs. Our expert technicians will work with you to develop an approach that will meet or exceed your individual business requirements.

What We Are Not

  • A lowest-cost, budget website hosting company. The pricing can be tempting until you realize their prices are so low because of all the corners they cut. Equipment outages, frequent downtime, untrained technicians, and email failure are common.
  • Barebones, do it yourself hosting. This can work for those companies with their own IT department and experienced technicians, but it is not a viable option for most clients.
  • A la carte hosting. This is another option that seems attractive on the surface but can quickly become overwhelming. It can be very difficult to identify all the individual services you need, much less how to integrate them into one smooth functioning whole.
  • A high volume server farm. These companies succeed on the sheer number of clients they manage. This is not always a bad thing. You have the resources of a large organization but it's very easy to become "just another client" and end up in phone trees if you need support.