Now this is how you handle a pandemic!

If you wonder how a doctor’s office operates in these Covid-19 times, look no further than Wilmington Internal Medicine, one of our customers.  (They’re my doctor also, and have been for a long time. From what I understand from talking with others, they’re one of the few remaining practices where you can get an appointment on short notice, not wait forever in the lobby, and get more than 6 minutes with your doctor. But I digress). Wilmington Internal Medicine quickly established their

Domain Name Scams Are Sneaky But Legal

If you get a “Domain Expiration Notice” in snail mail, read the first few sentences carefully. Or call us and we’ll look. It’s a scam, and it isn’t new. Domain name information is available for all to see, and some scammers use this information to trick unwary consumers into transferring their domain name. If you pay their renewal fee, which is high, they will renew your domain name and transfer it to their control. Then they will send you a renewal

Pivoting, profiting: businesses coast to coast turn on a dime

In this edition, I have collected some stories from across the country to help inspire you. Our customers are business owners and managers. You and I are faced with these kinds of challenges. As I promised on March 23 when I made this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMhr7_-fyiE , many business leaders will adapt quickly. And they have. I want us all to focus on how we can change and thrive in our new environment. There are things we can do! There are new

When the going gets tough, the tough get groceries

This is a business story that comes from our personal experience. We all have learned new habits quickly with “shelter in place,” and one of the first ones was how to get groceries and keep distance. After figuring out a couple of grocery stores, we discovered that our nearby roadside produce market could have an order ready in just an hour. They have done a great job changing their business quickly, communicating, and serving their customers.

Simon says “Reinvent. Now’s the time!”

Author and speaker Simon Sinek inspires his team and the rest of us to reinvent our jobs in our new economy. Reinvent. Pivot. Recast your business. Here’s another slant on a timely idea Simon Sinek, a well-known author and public speaker, gave an inspirational talk recently to his team of about 15 people. Things are always changing, and you always have to be ready, he says. This moment right now is no different, it’s just more obvious. (You might recall that I