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We realize that choosing a website design for your business can be very frustrating and time consuming. Finding a good web design company that offers full website development is sometimes just as difficult.

Eagle Web is a full web development company, meaning we can complete your project from start to finish without outsourcing any of the work. All of our website projects are completed in our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina office.

When we develop a website for a business, we strive to make the website unique for that business, as well as user friendly. Our goal is to make each website interesting, functional, and easy to navigate. We custom design every website to fit the needs and personality of that business.
Since we are located in South Carolina, you will always speek to an American. All of our web developers live right here in Myrtle Beach.

Custom Website Design

If you have ever used a do-it-yourself website program, then you know that no matter what is promised, you are still limited to certain graphics, images, and layouts. It's near impossible to place text and images exactly where you want them, and adding custom graphics is even more difficult.

A custom website is designed to be one of a kind.

We will design the website using your preferred colors, logo, and layout ideas. This includes the graphics, colors, fonts, etc. We can custom design all of your graphics and place your text and images exactly where they are needed. You are only limited by your imagination.

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Another issue with the DIY programs is search engine compatibility. Most of these programs are not well-liked by search engines, mostly due to the exreme amount of bad code that the DIY programs use. This means your site will be very difficult or even impossible to find. Do-it-yourself programs do not conform to ever-changing html/css standards.

Custom website development insures your pages will be coded according to the latest standards.

We develop each website and write the code by hand using only the latest in web standards. This not only includes the basic html, but it also includes the tags and styles that are used by the search engines.

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What is the difference between website design and website development?

Website Design

Most people tend to think that if they design a website themselves or have a "friend" design it for them, it will be professionally created and the visitors will come running to the site. This is not so. Quite a few website design companies and self taught web designers use programs and templates to quickly design a website, or they outsource the project to another country. Unfortunately, as with just about anything, taking short cuts has disadvantages; for you, the client.
For the web design company, there is no disadvantage. They get your money, design you a quick website, and then can charge you later to "fix" the website. Or, if they don't know how to or don't know any better, you will have to start over with a new website design company.
Quick website design programs and templates very rarely use proper or updated coding. We have found this especially true of the "do-it-yourself" website builder programs. The code used in those programs is usually quite messy and not search engine friendly at all. One of the worst things about the programs is that most of the time you can't move your website to a different hosting company if you want to.

Another problem with a website design company that does not support full website development is that some of them do not host their own websites. This is very common with the self taught, work from home web designers. This means that you will have a 3rd party involved with your website, or even a 4th party if they outsourced any of your website project! That is just more for you to keep up with, and more potential problems.

Website Development

As a full website development company, we offer this as the difference between us and other website design companies; True website development consists of understanding the clients needs and wants, producing graphics that relate to the professionalism of the clients business, properly coding the website pages following the latest W3C guidelines, setting up easy to use navigation, preparing the website for search engine indexing, properly integrating any other needed programs, and doing it all in-house.
We also pride ourselves on our great customer service and relationships that we have with our clients.

Some areas of website development that are frequently outsourced by other companies are:

One of the disadvantages of outsourcing is the inability for the website company to be able to make changes for you. Most of the time, the changes have to be made by the company it was outsourced to, and this can take weeks instead of days.

If you have tried the do-it-yourself website design programs and are disappointed, or if you're tired of the cookie-cutter templates that other website design companies offer, then you are ready to move your business to a professional-level custom website -- that is where EWD comes in. We develop websites that match the personality of your business.

Our goals as website designers / website developers:

  • Making unique websites for your business.
  • Creating user-friendly sites with functional navigation.
  • Ensuring proper code according to the latest web standards.
  • Coding your website to be as search engine friendly as possible.
  • Working beside you 100% during our creative process.

We offer:

  • Custom graphic design.
  • Placement of content, images, etc.
  • Html code written specifically for your site and vigorously tested for errors.
  • Search engine compatibility coded into every page.
  • Search Engine friendly check.
  • Browser & platform compatibility testing.

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