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At Eagle Web Designs, our team understands that every business has different online needs.  So, we’ve developed an array of customized services that are affordable and reliable.  If you’re ready to take your online presence to higher levels, here’s how we can help.

Hosting/Maintenance Packages and Pricing

We charge $61/month for Basic Hosting, which includes our monthly WordPress Maintenance Program.  For more complex, e-commerce, or non-Eagle-hosted websites, we charge $91/month.  Tiers upward increase by $10/month and are outlined here

Purchased separately, hosting starts at $22/month, and WordPress monthly maintenance is $39/month.  We also recommend our domain name renewal and DNS management at $30/year.  Yes, you’ll still own your domain name.

Should you need additional bandwidth or disk space, or both, we accommodate you automatically.  

Email addresses are $5/month, or $11.25/month for Google Workspace (plus an additional $11.25 for an admin address). The Microsoft Exchange system is also available, with multiple features and pricing options.

WordPress Maintenance 

Our WordPress maintenance program is optional, but we highly recommend it.  It is a proactive deep dive into your website functionality, security, and overall health each and every month.  

The WordPress maintenance program includes:

  • Proactive updates of WordPress CMS, plugins, and themes.
  • Complete website security analysis along with recommendations.
  • Routine malware scan of your website.
  • Respond to any alerts or warnings.
  • Our servers guarantee 99.99% uptime.
  • Verification of the primary Contact Form functionality.
  • 24/7 website uptime monitoring.
  • Google Analytics 4 report of your website traffic. 
  • Custom monthly email report of our findings, actions, and recommendations.

Be aware that updating WordPress plugins and themes can be tricky if you sign up for monthly maintenance but decide to host with a different vendor.  We’ve seen cases where a plugin update has unexpected consequences or breaks a website completely.  

When we host your website, we begin the update process with a complete website backup at the server level.  This allows us to immediately roll back the update and prevent downtime if something unforeseen happens.  Unless we have full access to your hosting environment, we will be unable to roll back updates or recover a broken website.  In this type of scenario, you would be forced to resort to your current hosting vendor and request a restore of their latest backup.

Business Class Hosting Well Worth the $$$

It’s crucially important to understand that our hosting package is not the bare minimum, lowest cost, no-service commodity typically promoted in the marketplace. We provide business class hosting services and have invested a lot of time and talent in getting the formula just right.  

To understand why these differences matter, explore them yourself here.

Of particular note on the list are:

  • Website speed.
  • A limited number of websites per server.
  • Automatic nightly backups.
  • We fix hacked sites on our dime.
  • Automatic updates with the latest patches, upgrades, and security updates
  • We answer the phone.  
  • No “trouble tickets” are needed.  We answer your questions and solve the problem.
  • Ongoing email and website support are included in the fee, however, we will charge $120/hour for this service on sites we aren’t hosting.
  • We back up to a separate vendor with a 3-hour turnaround if the vendor has a catastrophic problem.
  • If your site is in development for up to 2 months, we credit you the hosting charge.

These are only a small sample of the many features on the list.  Our mission is to make the lives of our business customers as trouble-free as possible.  We believe it is less expensive in time, reputation, and opportunity costs to avoid trouble than to fight fires. Whether you need web development, hosting, marketing, or anything in between, Eagle Web Designs offers a full range of professional online services to help your business prosper.  Our success depends on your success.  You can contact us by phone, email, or online.  Let’s talk soon.